Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Domestic Nightmare

This is my domestic nightmare. I ususally have an organized house. I'm not OCD or anything, but my husband and I both are pretty good about putting things where they belong and teaching our four kids to do the same.  Having said that, I can not seem to tame the clutter of my pantries. I have two in my kitchen, one large walk-in in my garage (it's very organized) but neither one in the house is organized. What can I do? I need some serious help.

All of my canned foods are behind those boxes and tupperware containers. Can you just imagine how fun it is to try and find something canned when I'm cooking?

This is a picture of the smaller pantry. It mainly holds extras. You know the 4 bottles of Miracle Whip I bought because they were on sale. We believe in stock piling food.

Anyone out there have any ideas to help me out. I'm telling you I need some.
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  1. This is the quandary for all families who like to stock pile food :) I have to say it's gotten much better since we built a separate food storage room. All the multiples go up there and then there is room for the rest. I only wish my food storage room were on the same floor as my kitchen!! I have been seeing those racks for cans lately. They make them to fit #10 cans and also to fit the regular soup/veggie can size too. Check those out!

  2. Heidi i dream of those racks, but they are sooo expensive. One day, i'm going to have me one.

  3. Well you just burst my bubble! I've seen them, but never checked the price :( I was hoping to invest in a couple, but if they are super expensive I'll never do it. Poor Tony. One more thing on his list. lol
    If it makes you feel any better, I wouldn't even DARE take a picture of my storage room and post it now. It's become the dumping room. As if we don't have an entire attic to dump things in! So come organize mine!