Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Christmas Home Tour

I'll start my Christmas Tour at the front door.  This huge stocking is from PB on clearance after Christmas about 4 years ago. 

We have two sets of stockings to that we put up.  One is more formal and these are more childlike.  And yes they both get filled by Santa.

This is our Santa tree.  It's located just inside the foyer by the front door and directly in front of the stairs.  It's one of four trees that I usually decorate.  However, due to a new baby I'm only putting up 3 trees this year.

This little shelf is in the foryer, across from the stairs, and I originally put it up to hide the thermostat.  I love the way it looks especially being able to change out the tassels with the seasons and add a few decorations to my family pics.

Now onto the dinning room, the lest used room in our whole house.  I love the cone trees from TDT and the .99 votive holders from Target.

This is my wedding china that's only been used twice.  It's Mikasa Lace, I think.  It really is beautiful.  It's a shame I don't bring it out more often.

Wreath I have hanging on my dinning room wall.

Our Christmas tree in the living room.  I love all the golds and burgandy colors along with a few punches of cream colored ornaments.

My kids collect snow globes.  We go to Target for the after Christmas sales and they get to pick two out.  At 75% off all four of my kids get one for the original price of just one.  I love decorating with them at Christmas and they're sentimental to me.  I write the kids name and the year on the bottom of the globe.  I collect mercury glass and I love displaying the two together.

Another snowglobe stacked atop a cake stand.

Since I didn't put up one of my trees this year I have a lot of bulbs left over.  My husbands loves it when I put them in containers like hurricane lanterns or mercury glass.

An up close shot of some silver balls and my favorite ornament from my teaching days, in a mercury glass container.

A shot of the mantel and fireplace from one side of the living room.  We have a really large living room so I divide it up like two seperate areas.

One half of the mantel.  I think Christmas decorating is perfect when there is a mantel involved.  I've lived in five houses and they've all had a fireplace with a mantel.  Our very first house was decided on because it had a fireplace.  I just think they make a home more cozy.

The other side of the mantel.

I love to put things in the greenery when I can.  Especially the most beautiful ornaments like this mercury glass pinecone.

On the right side of the fireplace I have a wreath hanger with s pinecone arrangement that I made with pinecones from my yard.  I just spray painted them white and hot glued them to some pretty ribbon.  Super simple and versitle.  Last year I hung them over the mirror on the mantel.  I try to change things up from year to year and not do the same thing.  That way it makes my decorations all seem new to me.

On the left side I have more ornaments in the greenery and a vase from Bombay that I've put glittered and sugared twigs in and then decorated with my small and special ornaments.

I love the twigs and as I was putting it out this year I was remembering that I didn't do it last year and couldn't decide why.  Unfortunately, now I know.  My kids have already broken about 10 of the tiny ornaments.  It's because they're too close to their stockings and I declare they check them several times a day to see if there is anything in them.

And finally, a shot of the entertainment center.  I love the nativity I got last year at an auction with my mom.  I got it for only $5.  What a steal.  I did add a coat of spray paint to it this year.  It was looking quite dull.

More mercury glass and ornaments.

Oh my, I almost forgot.  What kind of mom would I be if I didn't let the boys have their own tree?

I truly hope you all have the Merriest of Christmases.

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O Christmas Tree

I usually put up four trees, but this year with the new baby I only put up three. I also try to arrange all my decorations differently. That includes putting the trees in different rooms if possible. This is the first time I've put this tree in the living room and I love it here. It'll be hard for me to change it next year.

These angel ornaments are some of my favorites. My mom had some like these when I was little.

I love these word ornaments from Wal-Mart. They're only $1 and are nice and big.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Wreath

This is my newest Christmas wreath. I love the bronze and lime green theme. It's on the wall in my dinning room.

The bird picks are so pretty to me.

And even some lime green, glittered fruit nestled in there. Hope you're having the merriest of Christmases.
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Christmas Table

I never use my dinning room or my wedding china, so I thought I would stage the dinning room with my wedding china this year. It turned out beautifully, so beautiful that my children want to eat in here every night now. We did have a candle light spaghetti dinner in here tonight while my husband was at the temple, just me and the four munchkins. The loved it and even cleaned up the table afterwards.

I got the cone trees from the dollar tree and I love them. I only bought three and Lovey has already destroyed the green one. I wish I had bought more. I think I'll go tomorrow and see if any are left.

The red votives are from Target and they were a steal at $.99. When lit they are even prettier than the mercury glass ones that I got from PB a couple of years ago. They have gold, green, and silver. I think I'll go and get four green ones. You never know when you'll need some pretty candlelight.

The center piece is from a metal bowl from Cracker Barrel that my mom bought me about 10 years ago. I love it. It's filled with pine cones, wreath balls, and green faux fruit and even a veggie. The red toile fabric is just some I have left over from a project, I love toile and use it whenever I can. The china is Mikasa Lace and I'm not certain what the stemware is. This is my first link up to Table scape Thursday. I've loved looking at other people's table for over a year now and I've finally got something to add. I'm so excited. Happy Holidays
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Boy's Christmas Tree

My little boy is a huge Tarheel fan and when it came time to choose a tree can you just guess what he chose for a theme? Yep, a Tarheel theme.

Cute little baseball helmet. We don't really have a hard time finding Carolina ornaments which is both a curse and a blessing.

Ramsey is looking tough.

Go Heels!

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