Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Spookiness

I love, love, love Halloween and I love to decorate for it.  Every year I bring out all my stuff and for the most part I try to put it in a different place.  This year was no different except I did have a bit more help with Emmy and Elise getting all the stuff out and trying to decorate with it.  It was so fun and here is the end result.  Don't be scared it's only pictures.  Here goes....

Den Spookiness

My little pumpkin lady and "autumns" chalkboard.

My bay window is a little hard to see because of all the wonderful light coming in, but I think it's my favorite this year.  It has my BOO pumpkins and my spookified wreath.  Not to mention all the blood and gore on the windows.

This is Ally's favorite vignette.  She is forever kissing on all three of my "ladies and gentleman".

 This bird cage with the cat inside is part of my bay window vignette.  It is my favorite.  I love how the crows have trapped the mean cat inside. 

 It can't be spooky without an urn full of skulls and moss.

My mantel has only a few touches with a few pumpkins, my kid's countdown to Halloween chain, and the "spooky" sing.

This is just the centerpiece on the table in the den, or as we like to call it the things my kids throw at each other on a daily basis.  Moving on...

Dinning Room Spookiness

 I love the spider web on the mirror. 
 I use Emmy's old PB witches hat as part of the decorations since she can't wear it anymore.
 The centerpiece on our dining room table.  I got the orange candlestick holders and urn from PB two years ago on clearance.  I paid less than $20 for all three pieces.  Perfect for my Halloween decor.  I also got the beautiful toile tablecloth from consignment a few years ago for $20.  It's one of my favorite things.

 A little spooky on the shelf.
And a little spooky under the shelf. 

Staircase Spookiness
 The staircase is where I stick all the stuff I didn't have a place for int the rest of the house.  I love the garland on the stairs and surprisingly my husband does too.  He told me last year that it looks so much better with the decorations on the stairs.  I was surprised because he's not a Halloween freak like me.
 This pumpkin use to be a door hanger until my kids tore it up.  Now it's in my garland.  I couldn't throw it away because it was too cute.  I got it from the dollar tree one year.  I wish they would have them again, but I haven't seen them since.

The finished product.  Not such a good picture, but it really is cute.
And last but not least....
Laundry Room Spookiness

Winnine the Witch on the shelp that holds our aprons.

And our boo bat hanging from the ceiling.

I've also decorated the outside, garage, and bedrooms, but haven't gotten around to taking pictures yet.  Maybe I'll get to it before Halloween is over. 
Happy Fall Ya'll