Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shoe Madness

Do you have this problem?
With four kids and three of them girls we have A LOT of shoes to sort through at our house.  My kids are pretty good about taking their shoes off in the garage and putting them in the shoe bin before going inside, but when it comes to finding them it's a different story.

The boy has the least amount of shoes and the hardest time keeping up with his.  Of course that may or may not have something to do with the fact that he takes them off in the car, in the yard, on the roof.  Who knows what he does with them all I know is that we can never find them. I tend to be an procrastinator so when I'm running late I need things to be where they are suppose to be.

Here's my solution.  Cheap and easy, I loves cheap and easy.
Take four boxes, any box will do.  I have a lot of these lying around.  Emmy and Ally get larger boxes than the boy and Parker.  They have more shoes.

Cut the flaps off the boxes.

Then take some duck tape.  We have a lot of that at our house.  My husband is not a handy man and so this is how I do a lot of my repairs.

I love all the new colors of duck tape now.  So much better than grey.  Start wrapping the boxes to give them support.  This is a little time consuming, especially when you're doing four, but it's simple enough.
 I just wrapped the sides and bottom. I didn't bother with the inside of the boxes, but you could if you wanted.  In hind sight I probably should have since my dryer is vented into the garage and it tends to get humid in there when I'm drying clothes. 
I did all four boxes in a different color and then added numbers to help the kids keep their boxes straight.

This one is Parker's because she is the fourth little one.

 And wahhlahh.  It has made the biggest difference. We've been using this system for about two months and I can't believe it took me Emmy so long to come up with this idea.