Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sweet Delivery

Ok, so I'm totally new to blogland, but I'm also totally hooked. I've seen many talented women put beautiful things in their Etsy (never even knew that was a word before) that I would love to have and I think the idea of supporting stay at home moms is great. All of that makes me a warm and fuzzy inside, but yesterday I reached a new level when I came home with a box on my porch from The Lettered Cottage Home which is The Lettered Cottage's etsy site.  I couldn't wait. My first purchase from an etsy. How exciting! Can you tell I don't get out much?

I tore open the box and saw this.....

and finally this.

I uncovered these four beautiful boxes. I can't wait to put them up. They smell so good, I think they're made out of cedar. Love them. I post some pics when I decide where to put them. I don't think they'll fit where I had originally thought. They're much bigger than I thought. Have a great weekend!

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