Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Little Bit of Love

I've just done a little bit of Valentines decorating  this year.  I've put a few things out, but I'm sure I'll get more in the mood soon and put more out.

My heart garland that I made a few years ago has held up well.  The brances have mercury heart and star ornaments that I got on clearance at Target after Christmas a few years ago.  I only use them for Valentines decor.

This is my spring/Valentines wreath that I made recently.  I just took an old grapevine wreath that I had used many times before.  It is full of hot glue from past decorations wrapped it with an old burlap bag that I cut into strips and added a metalic bow and some pink butterflies.  This was super cheap.  I already had the wreath and the burlap bags.  The butterflies and and ribbon was all 90% off at Michaels.  So I spent less than $1 on the wreath.  Happy Valentines Decorating!!!