Friday, October 9, 2009

Memories to Be Framed

I love decorating and it has always come easy to me, that's not to say that everyone would love what I do in my home, but I love what I do in my how. However, I've always had a hard time with hanging things on my walls. For some reason it's a struggle for me to commit to putting something on my walls and I often leave them blank until I find the perfect piece. Now this has been a time consuming problem because we move often (5 times in the almost 10 years that we've been married) and so my walls are left empty more often than not. But I have found something that I always love to look at and it fits in every house that we live in. It's one of each of my kids baby outfits that I had framed. In this house they're in our Master Bedroom, but I've put them in the living room, library, and hall at other houses. I will never tire of them and my children love them.

This is my little boys. He was born in November so his is a Winter outfit. Below the outfit is a card with his name and birth date.

This outfit belongs to my first born. Hers also has a silver spoon engraved with her name.

And this dress belongs to my little Lovey. If you notice they all have the same frame, my sons has a walnut finish while the girls have a cherry finish. That was an accident by the framer, but I liked it and didn't make him redo it. Another thing that my framer messed up was that originally he put my son's baby spoon in the frame, but he put it in at an angle not under the outfit and it looked off to me so I made him take it out. It just bothered me to look at it and made it unsymmetrical. It wasn't pleasing to my eye. I very much appreciate symmetry. I've used this framer for many years and he was very good about fixing the mistake. I don't have many things professionally framed because of the cost, but I do think it's worth paying the money when it's something you love. And I love looking at my kids baby clothes. I know some people say that you shouldn't have your kids things in your bedroom, it should be all about you and your husband, but my husband and I are all about our kids and this makes us happy to look at. Now I just need to get the Chubsters outfit framed.
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  1. I love this idea of framing the kids clothes. I think it would look really cute framed in their rooms too!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend,

  2. That is such a great idea! Baby clothes are the best (before all the stains set in!) My problem would be deciding which outfit to frame!!!! Cute idea! Thanks for linking up!

  3. It's funny that The Robin's Nest commented that it would be cute in the kid's rooms, my oldest wants me to put it in her room, but I love looking at them too much. I can't imagine how hard of a time she'll give me when she gets married and still wants it. I don't think I can part with them.

    And Michelle, I picked my favorite outfit with my first and then with the rest I had to pick something blue. I definitely don't let them wear the outfit much so the stains won't get in. That's the hard part.

  4. Oh how the look of baby clothes framed. Hope you have a great week.