Thursday, March 31, 2011

Girly Closet Makeover

This is MY closet.  It is a little bit of a mess and in need of some serious spring cleaning, but I love it.  I love having a place of my own to keep MY stuff.  With four kids and husband it's hard to find a space of your own.  The only thing I don't like (other than the mess) is that it's not big enough for a chair.  I swear on some days I would lock myself in there and read if I had a chair....maybe it's a good thing I don't have room for a chair.

 On this side of my closet I keep my girls dresses.   I'm sort of a dress freak.  I love buying pretty dresses for my three girls and I am too lazy to run upstairs on Sunday mornings to find them a dress to wear, not to mention we're usually running late, so I find my closet is the best place for them.  Plus it makes me smile to see them. 
 Now as I said the closet works well usually, but it's not pretty.  And I like pretty.  So I decided to make a change.
I'd say it needs one wouldn't you.

 So I pulled e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g out and cleaned up the floor.
 I  was amazed at what was in this room.  I thought I took a pic, but couldn't find it.  Then I decided on a color scheme.  I have been hitting the oops paint isle at Lowe's lately and there has been a lot of grays.  So I combined them and came up with a grey I loved.  Then I thought of hot pink, and got my favorite shoes as my inspiration.  And here is what I have.
 A grey and hot pink color scheme with black and white accents. 
This is what it looked like before I put everything back in.  I'm not sure at this point if I love it yet or not. But then....

 It came together and I love it.
 Everything has it's place and I love how the hot pink pops.
 I added a new shelf for the top where I put my clothes that are out of season and a bag.  I think my favorite thing is the new hooks I added to hang my belts and jewelry.
 All of my things are in coordinating baskets and my 31-accessories that are so pretty have a place to be when not in use.  I plan on spray painting that blue basket to hot pink.
 I added more hooks for my Premier jewelry that a friend of mine sells.
I'm put my daughter's beach hats up for decoration.

 A small place was left to put the few handbags that I love so much I can't part with.  I even got the dresser looking pretty with a few things from around the house.
The only draw back that I can think of is that everyone else loves it too.  I can't keep the kids out of it and my hubby wants me to do his next.
I love it and I'm so proud that I did all the work myself!!!.

Here's a break down of what it cost.

Valspar gallon grey paint $6 (oops table, $1 can and $5 can combined)
Valspar  pint pink paint -$13
3-black and white lidded basket $16.50
large black and white basket $5
blue basket $7.50
pink and white polka dot basket $4.50
everything else I already had including board and hooks
total $52.50

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