Friday, January 22, 2010

Valentines Love

I'm posting some of the Valentines projects I've made recently from stuff I have around the house. This next project was super simple, but I made a few mistakes that I'll be sure to not make the next time.

First I started with an old picture I picked up for $1 at a yardsale. I always get these when they're only $1 because I think there are so many things that can be done with them. I'm sure it was really pretty back in it's prime, but now not so much.

Then I took a burlap sack that my mom gave me. She's allergic so anytime she gets any of this she comes across any burlap she gives it to me. Lucky me! I also used Gorilla Glue, that was my first mistake. I should have used my glue gun, but I couldn't find it at the time and I was anxious.

I took the frame and spray painted it black, took out the class, stapled the burlap to the old pic. and glued these glitter words that I got at Michael's after Christmas sale. They were 80% off so I paid .40 cents for both. My second mistake was not flipping the old pic. over to the cardboard side. It only shows through because of the flash so I'm not going to redo it. Project total $1.40. Can't beat that.

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  1. Cute, cute, cute! I love picking up frames at yard sales. I never pay full price for frames at real stores anymore. Not when I can get them for $1 or less and spray paint them any color I want!

    Thanks for stopping was nice to "meet" you!


  2. Oh what a wonderful idea for valentine's ...i haven't started my decorating for heart day yet...need to get some things done...thanks for the idea!

    Miss Bloomers

  3. Great project for Valentine's Day! And great use of the yard sale frame.


  4. Luv what you did here...I got that same LOVE glitter word for 20 cents too...I went a little bit crazy with all the 20 cent items!