Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Calender Art

I bought 2 pictures just like this at my very first yardsale ever, at the beginning of the summer. I loved the frames and they were matted. They're quite large and only cost $2 each. I know you're jealous, especially since the price tag on the back is from Bed Bath & Beyond for $29.99. But I hate the picture in it. It's way too abstract for my taste. So I found a calender at Michaels on Collections for one dollar and changed out the pics. The whole project only cost me $5 and I have more pics. from the calender if I want to change it later.
I think this is my favorite because I love brown transferware. I also flipped the matting over because the oppisite side was a blue grey that goes much better in my yellow, brown, and blue master bathroom.
I love this one too. The white seashells and grey, blue bowl are beautiful. Not to mention the distressed wicker that is barely captured on the side. All things that I love. I'm amazed at how different the pictures look and at how cheaply I got it.
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